What’s Ahead?

As I take a moment to reflect and remember all the amazing places God has brought me over the last four and a half years, I recall that God has faithfully led me step by step. From my first trip to India as a fourteen-year-old, to my most recent overseas adventure as a team leader in Japan, I have truly tasted and seen my Savior’s goodness in my own life and in the far-flung corners of the world. I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on where I have been and share some exciting news … [Read more...]

In Every Season, He is Faithful.

ueno park

Well, friends, if you observe my life via Facebook at all, you probably know that I just got back from three incredible weeks helping lead an outreach in Japan. It was an amazing trip, full of challenge, fun, and great reward. It is truly awesome to simply follow God's voice and see where He brings us. I don't think there's anything more worthy of this life I have been given then simply choosing to live it in closeness to my Creator. Making the decision to follow God's nudge to go to … [Read more...]

A New and Unlikely Friend.

Arua, Uganda.

I realized this story is especially timely in light of the vast media attention on the situation in Kenya and the general tension stirring up between Muslims and Christians. I hope this story gives you hope in the midst of all the extremely hard stories you have probably been reading in the news. Most importantly, however, I plead with you to not make generalizations on either side, and to highly value every human life that you encounter. One of my highlights during the seven weeks I spent in … [Read more...]

It’s Time for Africa!


Hey everyone! As many of you know, tomorrow (January 3) I leave with my team of eight ladies for Uganda! I am really excited for this new adventure with such an amazing team and with my incredible Father. Here is basic layout of some of the things and some of the places we will be during our time on outreach.   January 3---Fly out of Chicago to Philadelphia. January 4---Fly out of Philly to Doha. Then Doha----> Entebbe, Uganda! (arrive in Uganda on Monday morning January … [Read more...]

Lecture Phase Is Over…Outreach Is Right Around the Corner!

This past Friday I packed up the majority of my stuff at the TC in the cornfields of Columbus, WI and headed back home to Michigan for just over a week for Christmas break. The lecture/teaching phase of DTS is finished, but outreach is right around the corner! I am so thankful for the few months I got to spend out in the middle of nowhere with 31 amazing students and lots of incredible staff. :) This past week during our final week of lecture phase we had teaching on cross-cultural ministry … [Read more...]

A Real Look At Relationship (DTS Lecture Phase: Week 11)


This past week has been a little different than normal. Instead of having class here at the TC as we typically do, we made the 30 minute trip into town Monday through Friday to have class with the other DTS that is going on at the GMC (Global Mission Center). The topic this week was relationships and we got to hear so many great insights of a couple who are on staff with YWAM Madison. Everything they taught was very practical and it applies to all the relationships we have in life, not just … [Read more...]

Week Nine of DTS (Destiny and Father Heart of God)

Another week here in the cornfields of Wisconsin has come to an end. Time sure does fly when you are living life with Jesus loving people! Our schedule is always quite busy, and this week was no exception. On Monday afternoon we had outreach team meetings which is when those of us going to Uganda on outreach found out for sure who would be on our team. There were too many students who wanted to go to Uganda to be in one team, so now there are two separate teams who will be going to Uganda for … [Read more...]

Outreach Update!


Hi everyone! It's crazy to think that I arrived in WI eight weeks ago to start DTS! Part of me feels like I have lived here and known these people forever, yet part of me feels like I am only just beginning. The next phase in this journey which starts in January is to go on OUTREACH!!! Most of you know that I will be going with a team to Uganda for seven(ish) weeks. Aside from that, I still don't have very many details on the trip, but as I receive those I will be sure to update you … [Read more...]

A Tiny Glimpse into Spiritual Warfare Week.

This past week...wow! Where do I even begin? I guess at the beginning!  I'll do my best to give a brief summary of what God was up to this past week, but if you'd like to know more stories, please just ask, because I've got lots.  :) This past week it has been just half of the school here at the TC. The Rescue Ops focus was in Arkansas, and the Children @ Risk focus (that's me!) was here at the base just living life. It was really fun spending time with people on a more personal level, since … [Read more...]

Go Conference & Outreach Update!

This past week has been a bit different than most, as we were in Roach, MO for the YWAM Go Conference. The Go Conference is a week of teachings focused on missions and a total of five DTSes from various areas of the US were represented there. I have to be honest and say that at the start of the week, I was pretty uncertain if this time would actually bare any fruit. I'm not really into large gatherings of people who I don't know, and sometimes the whole feel of a conference can be intimidating. … [Read more...]