A New and Unlikely Friend.

Arua, Uganda.

I realized this story is especially timely in light of the vast media attention on the situation in Kenya and the general tension stirring up between Muslims and Christians. I hope this story gives you hope in the midst of all the extremely hard stories you have probably been reading in the news. Most importantly, however, I plead with you to not make generalizations on either side, and to highly value every human life that you encounter. One of my highlights during the seven weeks I spent in … [Read more...]

Step By Step He’ll Lead Me.


Well friends, it has been quite some time since I have shared anything here on the blog. Let's just say the last two months have been...wow...amazingly wonderful and crazy? It's pretty hard to put all my experiences into words, but below you will find just one example of how God was at work in my heart in a massive way and how he used that to bring other people closer to himself. I also plan to write on a more consistent basis now that I am back home and life is sort of on a more "normal" level … [Read more...]