Step By Step He’ll Lead Me.


Well friends, it has been quite some time since I have shared anything here on the blog. Let's just say the last two months have wonderful and crazy? It's pretty hard to put all my experiences into words, but below you will find just one example of how God was at work in my heart in a massive way and how he used that to bring other people closer to himself. I also plan to write on a more consistent basis now that I am back home and life is sort of on a more "normal" level … [Read more...]

New Morals vs. New Life.


If you were able to pick one thing that was worth dying for, what would it be?   Perhaps you would say that you would die for the sake of your family, or maybe you would be willing to die in order that extreme poverty would be eliminated. Regardless of what you may choose, it would be incredibly hard to willingly die for something no matter how much you believed in the cause. It's hard to truly comprehend what this would feel like, but one picture that comes to mind is Jesus in the … [Read more...]

Follow Me.

Recently in Christian circles, the topic of following Jesus has become increasingly popular and has been addressed in many books and sermons.     I think that this is a great discussion to be having in the Christian community, and I have received some great Biblical teaching on this topic that I would love to share with you. First things first, let's look at Matthew 4:18-20.     "As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon (called … [Read more...]