In Every Season, He is Faithful.

ueno park

Well, friends, if you observe my life via Facebook at all, you probably know that I just got back from three incredible weeks helping lead an outreach in Japan. It was an amazing trip, full of challenge, fun, and great reward. It is truly awesome to simply follow God's voice and see where He brings us. I don't think there's anything more worthy of this life I have been given then simply choosing to live it in closeness to my Creator. Making the decision to follow God's nudge to go to … [Read more...]

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Japan


Greetings, friends! I have posted on here and on my Facebook that I will be helping lead a short term mission trip to Japan this summer, and I'm so excited! I figured that in light of this upcoming adventure I would share 10 little known and interesting facts about Japan. Some are really basic facts, like population or demographics, and others...well, you'll just have to read them to find out how crazy they are! 1. Japan's massive population brings it in as 11th most populated … [Read more...]

Endless Discovery.


I don't know about you, but I find it quite interesting when I get the chance to look back on my life as of the last few years and see the patterns that have emerged in the story God and I have created together. To be able to look in the rear-view mirror of my life and see the little ways that God was weaving this crazy life of mine together is so fascinating to me. Recently, I was looking through photos from my trip to Japan in 2012, and I came across this one. I feel like the two words … [Read more...]

A New and Unlikely Friend.

Arua, Uganda.

I realized this story is especially timely in light of the vast media attention on the situation in Kenya and the general tension stirring up between Muslims and Christians. I hope this story gives you hope in the midst of all the extremely hard stories you have probably been reading in the news. Most importantly, however, I plead with you to not make generalizations on either side, and to highly value every human life that you encounter. One of my highlights during the seven weeks I spent in … [Read more...]

Step By Step He’ll Lead Me.


Well friends, it has been quite some time since I have shared anything here on the blog. Let's just say the last two months have wonderful and crazy? It's pretty hard to put all my experiences into words, but below you will find just one example of how God was at work in my heart in a massive way and how he used that to bring other people closer to himself. I also plan to write on a more consistent basis now that I am back home and life is sort of on a more "normal" level … [Read more...]

It’s Time for Africa!


Hey everyone! As many of you know, tomorrow (January 3) I leave with my team of eight ladies for Uganda! I am really excited for this new adventure with such an amazing team and with my incredible Father. Here is basic layout of some of the things and some of the places we will be during our time on outreach.   January 3---Fly out of Chicago to Philadelphia. January 4---Fly out of Philly to Doha. Then Doha----> Entebbe, Uganda! (arrive in Uganda on Monday morning January … [Read more...]

Lecture Phase Is Over…Outreach Is Right Around the Corner!

This past Friday I packed up the majority of my stuff at the TC in the cornfields of Columbus, WI and headed back home to Michigan for just over a week for Christmas break. The lecture/teaching phase of DTS is finished, but outreach is right around the corner! I am so thankful for the few months I got to spend out in the middle of nowhere with 31 amazing students and lots of incredible staff. :) This past week during our final week of lecture phase we had teaching on cross-cultural ministry … [Read more...]

Outreach Update!


Hi everyone! It's crazy to think that I arrived in WI eight weeks ago to start DTS! Part of me feels like I have lived here and known these people forever, yet part of me feels like I am only just beginning. The next phase in this journey which starts in January is to go on OUTREACH!!! Most of you know that I will be going with a team to Uganda for seven(ish) weeks. Aside from that, I still don't have very many details on the trip, but as I receive those I will be sure to update you … [Read more...]

First Post/India Journal

Hey people! Wow, I guess this is my first official post on a real blog! I can't wait to see where this takes me. I truly hope that you enjoy all of the things I post on here and that they are a blessing to you. I can not guarantee perfection (in fact, I already know there are some mistakes), but while this is also about developing my skills in writing/communication, my desire is that this blog would be more about my heart and the heart of God. Anyway, with all that said...Welcome! As seen in … [Read more...]