The Rhythm of Love


God is good. God is a creator. And when he creates, it is good. He created you. So that means you are good. God loves the good things that he made. That means he loves you. He loved you before you could even begin to understand what love is. He never stops loving you. Not even in your darkest moments. Not even on your cloudiest days. Every single day, he loves you the same. You may walk through your whole life never knowing his love for you, but that doesn't mean its not there. However, … [Read more...]

In Every Season, He is Faithful.

ueno park

Well, friends, if you observe my life via Facebook at all, you probably know that I just got back from three incredible weeks helping lead an outreach in Japan. It was an amazing trip, full of challenge, fun, and great reward. It is truly awesome to simply follow God's voice and see where He brings us. I don't think there's anything more worthy of this life I have been given then simply choosing to live it in closeness to my Creator. Making the decision to follow God's nudge to go to … [Read more...]

Endless Discovery.


I don't know about you, but I find it quite interesting when I get the chance to look back on my life as of the last few years and see the patterns that have emerged in the story God and I have created together. To be able to look in the rear-view mirror of my life and see the little ways that God was weaving this crazy life of mine together is so fascinating to me. Recently, I was looking through photos from my trip to Japan in 2012, and I came across this one. I feel like the two words … [Read more...]

Step By Step He’ll Lead Me.


Well friends, it has been quite some time since I have shared anything here on the blog. Let's just say the last two months have wonderful and crazy? It's pretty hard to put all my experiences into words, but below you will find just one example of how God was at work in my heart in a massive way and how he used that to bring other people closer to himself. I also plan to write on a more consistent basis now that I am back home and life is sort of on a more "normal" level … [Read more...]

It’s Time for Africa!


Hey everyone! As many of you know, tomorrow (January 3) I leave with my team of eight ladies for Uganda! I am really excited for this new adventure with such an amazing team and with my incredible Father. Here is basic layout of some of the things and some of the places we will be during our time on outreach.   January 3---Fly out of Chicago to Philadelphia. January 4---Fly out of Philly to Doha. Then Doha----> Entebbe, Uganda! (arrive in Uganda on Monday morning January … [Read more...]

Week Nine of DTS (Destiny and Father Heart of God)

Another week here in the cornfields of Wisconsin has come to an end. Time sure does fly when you are living life with Jesus loving people! Our schedule is always quite busy, and this week was no exception. On Monday afternoon we had outreach team meetings which is when those of us going to Uganda on outreach found out for sure who would be on our team. There were too many students who wanted to go to Uganda to be in one team, so now there are two separate teams who will be going to Uganda for … [Read more...]

A Tiny Glimpse into Spiritual Warfare Week.

This past! Where do I even begin? I guess at the beginning!  I'll do my best to give a brief summary of what God was up to this past week, but if you'd like to know more stories, please just ask, because I've got lots.  :) This past week it has been just half of the school here at the TC. The Rescue Ops focus was in Arkansas, and the Children @ Risk focus (that's me!) was here at the base just living life. It was really fun spending time with people on a more personal level, since … [Read more...]

Week Three of DTS Lecture Phase!

The third week of lecture phase is complete! So much has happened in the last three weeks, especially this past week, that it is impossible for me to summarize it all for you. There has been teaching on four different topics and there has also been so many deep (and fun!) conversations with the awesome people here. I am seriously thankful for all the opportunities I have to learn and grow, and I am so blessed to be living this life.   Below are a few tidbits from three of the four topics … [Read more...]

Identity, Destiny, and Survivor. (Week 2 of DTS Lecture Phase)

" The only way that lies work is if you let them have power over you."  (One of many thoughts from my notes from class time)   It is so easy in our human nature to delve deep into all of the lies that the world constantly feeds us. Despite the fact that I have grown up in a Christian environment for my whole life, I so easily forget or even pass over truths that are absolutely vital to my relationship with Jesus. This past week has been so crazy, so good, and full of so much truth (24 … [Read more...]

DTS Lecture Phase: Week One

It's pretty mind-blowing to think that a week ago tonight I was hanging out with my parents and I had never met most of the 50ish people that I am now living life with day in and day out. Even though it has been only just under a week, we have all adapted to life here and connected with each other so well! What a unique opportunity and privilege it is to live in a community of people such as this; people who love God, love each other, and want to see His kingdom brought to earth. There are so … [Read more...]