10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Japan

Greetings, friends! I have posted on here and on my Facebook that I will be helping lead a short term mission trip to Japan this summer, and I’m so excited! I figured that in light of this upcoming adventure I would share 10 little known and interesting facts about Japan. Some are really basic facts, like population or demographics, and others…well, you’ll just have to read them to find out how crazy they are!


1. Japan’s massive population brings it in as 11th most populated country. 

With a whooping 127.3 million people in its borders, Japan knows how to pack people in as it is only the 63rd largest nation by land mass in the world. Tokyo, the capital city, has over 10% of the entire country’s population in its perimeter.

2. Tokyo is the biggest city in the world.

There are an estimated 13.35 million people who call Tokyo home. An average of over 6,000 per square kilometer are packed into this incredibly clean and well-kept city.

3. Coffee is a big deal here.

Japan imports around 85% of Jamaica’s total coffee crop. Not only do the Japanese love their coffee, but they also take their cafes to a whole new level by certain shops adding features such as live cats, dogs, or even birds to relax with.

4. Like musk melon? Better bring lots of cash.

If you start craving cantaloupe while in Japan, you better a good chunk of money on hand. A melon here can sell for over $300. Why is this? Not sure. You look that up and tell me why.

5. Japan has the third largest economy in the world.

No wonder…they sell their melons for $300! Just kidding. Japan comes in third place in this area under China and the US. Perhaps the fact that they have an unemployment rate of less than 4% is why their economy is doing so well.

6. Got invited to a karaoke? You may not know what you’re getting into.

Karaoke is indeed a Japanese word that translates to “empty orchestra.” So if you get invited to a karaoke while in Japan, I would probably pass if I were you (or at least change your expectations).

7. Immigration to Japan is very rare.

98% of the population of Japan is made up of ethnic Japanese. The remaining 2% included Chinese, Koreans, and less than 1% other.

8. Japan experiences earthquakes regularly.

Many sources have said that Japan often experiences up to 1500 record-able earthquakes every year.

9. Do you want to build a snowman?

If you choose to do so in Japan during the winter months, then make sure you go for the traditional two-snowball style used by the Japanese. Three  snowballs is totally not cool there apparently.

10. Japan is nicknamed “The Land of the Rising Sun.”

The history behind how the country got this nickname is varied, but one thing it could be attributed to is the fact that the sunrises around 4:30AM in the summer months!


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