Endless Discovery.

I don’t know about you, but I find it quite interesting when I get the chance to look back on my life as of the last few years and see the patterns that have emerged in the story God and I have created together. To be able to look in the rear-view mirror of my life and see the little ways that God was weaving this crazy life of mine together is so fascinating to me. Recently, I was looking through photos from my trip to Japan in 2012, and I came across this one.

Notice the words in the upper right corner.

Notice the words in the upper right corner.

I feel like the two words “endless discovery” really capture my unfolding story of following God throughout His crazy, beautiful world. I never quite know what’s around the next corner with him, and I am constantly learning, growing, and discovering more of Him wherever I go. What an honor it is to serve such a creative and active God! And that leads me to my next step that I believe God has called me to…

Many of you are aware that my personal journey into missions was significantly impacted by short-term mission trips. I have had the amazing privilege to serve God and his people throughout the world and to see God move in incredible ways. Although I had always been too young to help on the leadership side of these trips, I hoped that one day I would have an opportunity to help lead a short term trip for others. Without the quality leadership of the short term mission trips I participated in, the defining experiences I had simply would not have happened.

At this time, I believe God has made that desire of mine available to me, and as typical of God, in a way I never unexpected! This summer, I have the pleasure of helping lead a team of high school students and young adults to Japan, the same nation where I unexpectedly went almost three years ago now. While many of the details are still being figured out, what I do know is that we will be in Japan for three weeks doing relationship based ministry with an emphasis on helping with English speaking skills. Most of our time will be spent in and around the cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Although I have not met the students planning to go on this trip, I know that they have been learning the Japanese language and culture and are very committed to this opportunity to serve in Japan.

I am so excited to be able to fulfill this desire that God has put on my heart, and I want to keep any of you who are interested updated on this upcoming adventure. You are welcome to join my Facebook group called Endless Discovery (Kari’s Updates). This is where I will share the majority of my updates and I would love to have you apart of it!  Also, please consider praying for myself and the team as we prepare to go this summer (late June through mid-July).

-Pray for the leadership of the team to exemplify unity throughout the entire process. 

-Pray for the students as God prepares their hearts to go. 

-Pray for the financial aspect of this trip. (The exact cost has not been determined, but with airfare at around $1700, I am guessing the total cost will end up around the $3000 mark.) 

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